Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Arch Bishop of Canterbury writes for the New Statesman - So what?

This week a political maelstrom was whipped up by Dr Rowan Williams because he guest edited and awrote for the New Statesman, more importantly he disagreed with the Coalition Government policy and criticised Labour for not showing any proper opposition.

As a senior member of the clergy and a member of the house of Lords he should not be commentating on such matters.

Why Not?

After all he has as much right to talk on political matters as anyone else in the nation.
I personally disagree with religion in politics. There was once a time when they were inextricably linked but now in the modern age and with society made up of many religions and denominations I do not believe it is right for spiritual Church of England lords deciding policy.

However, Dr Williams' text was not written from a religious point of view, nor was it written as an all out attack on the Government or a misuse of his office. If anything it was written from the point of view of a concerned citizen who has an interest in politics.

Many people have stated that they do not believe that the Coalition doesn't have a mandate from the people, which technically it doesn't but has one from the Queen, or that Coalition policies may be a little rushed and not thought through, again a good point one that we as Lib Dems have argued in favour of regarding the NHS bill, and that Labour under Ed Miliband have failed to provide a viable alternative to the government policies, again true hence the talk of Miliband's "Blank piece of paper."

There was nothing new in the text, nothing that many of us had not already talked about.

He also did not force Anglicanism down any ones throat, a fact that would turn many people away including myself, nor said "As Arch-Bishop of Canterbury I think.... and you should to!"
so I wouldn't say that he is using his office to influence the readership, especially of a left leaning magazine which stereotypically is the side of the spectrum that steers away from religion. He came across as a straight talking, concerned member of society who is as welcome as any of us to their opinion and to speak it. I do not understand why there was such a furor.

The best way to look at it is... Would there be such a stink if I said it? Or the bloke on the tube?

No. Thought not.

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