Sunday, 6 November 2011

Cleggo Fawkes

My Father once said;

The only man to enter parliament with honest intentions was Guy Fawkes - Look what happened to him!
Exposure to Parliamentary procedure and vast amounts of negative press and viciously tortured and executed.

Much like... Nick Clegg and the Lib Dem party. Nick led the party into power with the intention of bringing about electoral reform and change that would benefit everyone. The intentions of the party were pure and honest - we had nothing to hide.

However exposure to parliamentary politics and the Coalition agreement has dulled the blade of Liberalism and the policies. Association with bills such as Tuition, Austerity measures and many others has led to the fall of Clegg.
Further negative press and hyping up of throw away comments such as when asked if he knew he was running the country in Cameron's absence;
Oh yes I'd forgotten about that.

His intention and aims forgotten and now only this perceived public image of the bumbling sell out Deputy who allowed this "Cuts Government" to come to power remains.
 I do believe that Nick and the parties image has been sullied because of Politics and negative press but I also think we've signed off a few things we should have stood firm on and in some places just poorly prepared for the harsh spotlight of government. This is something that will change, hopefully, by the next election or Nick and the party will indeed be hung, drawn and quartered by the electorate.

Effigies have already been burnt and hung and had he stepped out into the mobs last November I have no doubt he would have been lynched and suffered a similar fate to Guido.

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