Sunday, 5 May 2013

Britain to betray its former Translators in Afghanistan

British History likes to show the Imperial forces and the affiliated Trading companies as a beneficent power
that made the world better for the new citizens of the crown. There were those who resisted but on the whole a lot of what was done was for their own good.

Scratch under the surface and you will find Concentration camps, planned infection of native populations with Small Pox, trickery, deceit and betrayal. No wonder that across the world there was the maxim;

Never trust an Englishman

Now, Phillip Hammond MP, minister of Defence is reinforcing that credo. Native Afghans who risked their lives under fire and their families lives from reprisals to serve as translators to British forces are being refused Asylum and left in harms way with a proposed "Deal" from the Government.

The British establishment has always treated the military badly post war (save for WW1 and 2) all the way back to the defence of England in 1588. Many Native sympathisers have similarly been stepped on unless they were important enough through our history - even Ghurkas, the bravest of the brave, were refused Naturalisation rights until Nick Clegg and Joanna Lumley brought it to the public attention.

There is precedent as 1000 Iraqi translators and their families were granted asylum post occupation so why not Afghans? According to Mr Hammond it is completely different.

I, however, agree with Lord Ashdown, it is no different. The fragile democracy and fractured states left after occupation still harbour extremists and those who would bear a grudge who wouldn't sniff at a "traitor's" family murder. Can you trust the new local Government to protect these people for us?

New Zealand has decided that it cannot trust the new Afghan regime and has offered the translators a sanctuary and theirs is a country notoriously tough with immigration. So why can't England?
I'm not saying open the gates but allowing a finite amount of those who have risked their lives with and for our boys be given sanctuary on these shores. It is the least we can do.

If we can keep foreign criminals why not allow those who have risked their lives?

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