Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Trouble with sleeping on trains is...

Some of you will know that I work shifts in London at an asylum - I mean museum. Half of this shifts start at

A combination of wanting to spend time with my family, house work and a mild Skyrim addiction means that I often try to top up my sleep on the train. This has lead to some problems...

Yesterday, whilst passed out and blissfully unaware what was going on a signal broke down at Swanscombe. I woke briefly in Dartford to see the station sign and then dozed off again. I awoke sometime later on a packed train, that according to the automated voice was heading to Crayford - back to London!!!

I looked at the time - 16:10 - we weren't due to Gillingham until 16:30 so I'd not overslept... I looked out the window and saw Dartford bridge was still on the left and drifting behind so we were going towards home.

I had to hurriedly jump online to find out what was going on and found we were the first train through and running about 23 minutes late.

Late enough to make collecting my kids from nursery by 6 an absolute nightmare but not late enough to get a delay/repay form in.

Other problems have seen me wake up having missed Waterloo and being sat in Charing cross station (once or twice Gillingham station) for 10 minutes in an empty carriage and no one had woken me!

Worse yet I have also been the victim of crime. Having been at work all day and then at the works Christmas party where I had consumed a fair amount of free beer I took the last train home and went to sleep. When I woke up at Gillingham Station my wallet (with season ticket but thankfully not my bank cards!) and mobile phone had been lifted from my jacket pocket. I now sleep with all my valuables in my trouser pocket on the wall side of my person.
6.30 which entails getting up at 4.00 am.

I was also assaulted, in the same way as Michael Crick was assaulted by Mr Bloom of UKIP. A very rude and surly ticket inspector who couldn't be heard over my IPOD shoved my shoulder quite hard and I banged my head on the wall of the carriage, he then barked Ticket. at me when I removed my earphone and looked at him through the haze. He couldn't understand why I was a little impolite with him!

Also if you snore, be wary of a sharp elbow to the ribs from other commuters or indeed if you are really self conscious try not to think that you may be providing entertainment for some one (even an MP!) ;-)

So weary travellers be careful and learn from the lessons of someone who has travelled too many miles at stupid times of the day.

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  1. Chris,
    St. Paul's Epistle to Timothy says" Take a little wine for thy stomachs sake" not get bladders and fall asleep on the train.