Wednesday, 21 May 2014

UKIP want to surrender Europe to the Germans

My Grandfathers were two very different people. Peter had been an only child of a Police Sargent who had studied Pre-war but post war joined the Police and coasted, enjoying life. His political outlook was soft Tory-liberal, though not a fan of the EU he was open to debate and discussion before making his decision.

Jim was different. He had been forced to join the army at a young age and grafted as an Engineer through his service into the late 40s before becoming a civil engineer and doing the same. He worked hard for every penny he earnt. He was suspicious of the Conservatives as they wanted to get his hard earnt money and he despised the Unions for ruining the country and industry (so voted Tory) but above all he hated Europe.

One day he said to me; "A united Europe? That's what Hitler and the Nazis wanted. We fought to stop that and now we're just giving them it in peace time."

Sad to say but he is wrong.

German foreign policy had, for decades before the First World War, been to isolate Britain and keep her away from European matters. Bismarck knew that the British, when disturbed, could throw the entire empire at a problem from behind its' Naval shield on its' little island and Germany could do little to stop them. Britain's Grand Isolation and aloofness in European matters allowed Germany to win wars against Austria and France, establish itself as a dominant power within Europe militarily and economically. 

Where was Britain? Fighting in Africa against the Zulu and German supplied Boer.

World War One came about not because of Teutonic aggression of Austria and Germany persecuting little Serbia and Belgium. It was started by the failure of diplomacy to act. Austria had the right to grievance over the death of the heir to the Imperial throne but so did Serbia for the occupation. 

Had the European nations and heads of state got together in 1912 when the Balkan wars were at their height then the conflict may have been averted.

In 1940 when the Wehrmacht were masters of Western Europe and looked poised to cross the channel Hitler made one last "Appeal to reason" to the British Government. Should they surrender Britain could keep her Empire if Germany was allowed to dominate Europe. Ultimately Britain would become a satillite state of Germany dependant on European trade at prices set by the Reichsbank.

I'm not saying that Germany has similar designs on dominating Europe militarily nor am I being anti-German. As many know I love Germany, her culture, her food, her language and her football team and I would welcome our new Teutonic masters should the day come. 

I am merely observing that Germany (and France to a lesser extent) are the dominant power in the EU and single handedly bank rolled Greece. Should UKIP and the "No" wing get their way and we voluntarily isolated Britain then we will be a satillite state to Europe forced to trade at the whims of prices set by a German dominated European bank...

If Britain doesn't want to face this they need to fight as they did in 1914 and 1940 only this time in the EU parliament.

Did Churchill, Chamberlain, Asquith and Lloyd George walk away? 

No, they fought for Britain and so should we and not follow this coward Farage as he meekly throws in the towel and completes the noble work of Herr Von Bismarck.

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