Friday, 25 February 2011

Gillingham station to get a remodel

I was pleased to see in "The Medway paper" that the Railway station at Gillingham is getting a hefty sum spent on rejuvenation.
This is fantastic news as he station is in dire need of redevelopment. Apart from the leaking roof which allowed water to flow through the electric lights -Shocking- grimy platforms and waiting area with east germanesq toilets on platform 1 and 2.

I also agree that it creates a very poor first impression of Gillingham and I have indeed experienced first hand reactions of first time visitors. One of my friends came to watch her team, Lincoln City FC play at the Priestfield megadome.

"My word this is... Nice."

She had also become lost, having alighted before I had arrived, and was making her way down the platform to the newest building presuming that was the way rather than the dated and dilapidated stair way.

I had the pleasure of using the Medium station of the year (2004?), Winchester, and the station was clean, well laid out with helpful staff. Gillingham by contrast looks tired and dated - almost untouched since the 1970s, scruffy and dirty.  Don't get me wrong the ticket office was remodelled during the 90's and does look shiny and new with an open front hall but by then you've already formulated your opinion of Gillingham or your on your way out!

It will certainly not mean that Southeastern services will run better, that staff will miraculously be more helpful or informed by their superiors but it may make us feel better about the grim platforms and pigeon infested roofing and more importantly be a more welcoming starting point for visitors to our fair town.

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