Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Crouch forbidden to play by FA.

Football- It's full of crazy decisions, Christian Wörns being sent off in the Euro 96 final, Thierry Henry's hand ball in the France - Ireland game, FA officials refusing to officiate between MPs and Press because Tracey Crouch wanted to play, disallowing the second goal in the... hang on what was the last one?

Yes it is true, The FA, who were due to officiate the traditional MPs vs. Political Journalists stepped down when both teams insisted that Tracey play.

Due to its rules on mixed football, The FA is unable to support this match. As a consequence, once Tracey and the two teams confirmed that they wanted Tracey to play we stepped back from our official administration and endorsement of the fixture.

The rules state that only girls under 13 are allowed in mixed games.

Its ridiculous and yes, it does annoy me... I'm perfectly capable of looking after myself.

After all she's not stepping out for the World Cup final, or for her beloved Spurs against Arsenal ( though I'm sure she would have loved to play in last week's game!) or even for Gillingham against AFC Wimbledon - though if you are reading this Tracey, the way we have performed in the league I'm sure Mr Hessanthaler would welcome you at Priestfield for quality and enthusiasm. In fact Miss Crouch said in the Belfast Telegraph in May 2011 [ http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/breaking-news/offbeat/female-mp-barred-from-kickabout-16006201.html ] a similar thing;

All of the male MPs I've spoken to think it's ridiculous. I've played five-a-side with many of them so they know what I can do and what I can't do.
I just think that there has to be some common sense when it comes to what is essentially a kick about. It's not the Champions League final.
Yes, it's often competitive but that's not to say that I couldn't hold my own.

I think the FA need to think about their rules when it comes to non competitive games and friendlies for non league teams. After all, why should it matter if the player and all of the other players do not have a problem with it?

Just as aside, the MPs lost 5-1. As a Germany fan I feel their pain, there is nothing worse than losing 5-1 to anyone... but Tracey take heart, if we can come back and beat England 4-1 there is always next years game!

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