Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Darth Vader and Medway Bus station

As many people will know, I am a massive Star Wars geek.

When reading up about Medway's new "Dynamic Waterfront Bus Facility." I stumbled upon an artcile in the Medway Messenger by KMFM DJ Andy Walker entitled;

Darth Vader got it right.

Within it he suggested that Darth Vader would not have allowed the Death star to have been used until it was fully operational... Unlike the Medway Bus station.

Chatham's "Waterfront dynamic Bus Facility"
Could you imagine the Death Star with workmen all over it? The toilets not ready, the lifts only working in the Southern hemisphere and the super laser only firing on a Thursday?

This is the equivalent of what has happened in Medway, there were no bins, no information points working, no zebra crossings....

Moff   Councillor Chambers Commander of the facility Leader of the Conservative group said that;

There will be teething problems...

Well this is true, but had Lord Vader actually been part of the planning and implementation board he would have not appreciated such failure. There would already be a new leader of the Council.

When I read Commander Councillor Mike O'Brien's comments "It seems to be working." I can't help but hear;

The Emperor does not share your optimistic appraisal of the situation.

Although, we all know that the Death Star II did open before it was fully operational, yes the Super laser worked but the Rebellion were still able to avoid the Emperor's trap and destroy the station a long with all the contractors who were busy installing Zebra crossings and making sure the toilets were working.

One can only hope that Chatham bus station does not suffer a similar fate, though I understand the Superlaser is being fitted next Wednesday.

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