Monday, 5 December 2011

SNP to spurn close relations with England for Scandanavia?

Whilst trawling through today's I I found a small but interesting article by Hamaish MacDonnell entitled

 SNP would join the Scandinavian circle if Country was independent.

It is a bit of a coincidence as I was thinking randomly about Scottish independence on my commute in this morning.

My original hypothesis was that when Scotland votes for independence, which I really believe they will and is their right to do so, they would find it difficult to cut ties with England and stand alone. After all England and Scotland have similar interests globally and on this island, both have massively integrated systems like the NHS, roads, railways, police, fire brigades etc... There is also a lot of money invested in both country's business and resources. It would be difficult to make a clean cut. I'd kind of envisioned a stead partnership that would slowly untangle itself as years went by but still remaining close - There's far too much joint history between the two nations and we are stronger together than we will be apart. After all this relationship doesn't need to end on bad terms and we can still be close friends right?
I know that many others would argue that Scotland cannot stand alone, isn't strong enough to stand alone after all most of its population work in the public sector and require English money to sustain it.

Well now it seems as if Scotland is turning back to another former master... Scandinavia. The Orkney's, Shetlands had all been under Norwegian control up until 1468 and Norwegian raids into Scotland had been a constant threat through the early parts of the last millenium.
But the SNP now argue that a new Independent Scottish nation would have more in common with their neighbours across the North sea.

Plans already exist for an electric super grid with Norway and joint projects will be undertaken by the Scottish Navy (operating from the current R.N Trident base at Faslane on the Clyde) as well as the Scottish Air Force (based at Lossiemouth and Kinloss in Moray) will help to police the North sea and to help chart sea lanes opened up by global warming to form the North East passage to Asia past North Russia.
The nations will also look towards gas and oil exploration as well as trade agreements.

We started looking from looking at Scotland's location and basing our strategy around our own neighbourhood. That is why we are looking so hard at Scandinavia -Says a senior SNP source.

Angus Robertson has also asserted that Scotland has suffered from a bias towards the South since the act of Union in 1707 and that Scotland has other options.

Scotland it seems is not prepared to be a needy ex or still shackled to England by misplaced ideas of duty but is looking to forge it's own identity and new friends, really making an impact on the world stage. It is time that politicians and Unionists in England start to look at the real possibility that in ten years time Scotland could and should be standing on its own feet and cutting the chord with England completly and it will be England, not Scotland mooning over the collapsed relationship and that Scotland never calls rather than Scotland hanging on England's whims.

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