Sunday, 5 February 2012

Colonel Collins Vs Mike O'brien for Kent Police Commissioner?

Cllr Mike O'Brien vs Col Tim Collins
The Police Commissioner race in Kent has taken an unexpected turn today with the announcement in the Medway Messenger (3rd February 2012) in an article by Dan Bloom (entitled Tory Eyes Police Commissioner Role) of local Councillor Mike O'Brien expressing an interest in running for the post of Kent Police Commissioner.

Mike O'Brien is one of the Medway Town's senior Councillors who has served on the Community Safety Partnership and has experience working with the Police and community groups, was born in Chatham and knows the area really would be an excellent choice for the candidature.

Ignoring any Liberal Democrat, Labour or Independent (or other party) candidate the first hurdle is ex Colonel Tim Collins, yeah he's the guy you think he is - the Gulf War hero - the one who gave the inspiring Henry V style speech on the eve of battle. He announced his candidacy back in September at the Conservative Party Conference and claims that too long have the bureaucrats been in charge and he wants to get back to the basics of policing. This is not, he claims, a job for a Sunset Councillor and as a younger but heavily experienced man he has a lot going for him.

Well age is just a number and Mike doesn't feel he is a Sunset Councillor and says that Col Collins' comments Miss the point.

We differ in that I'm someone who has lived in Kent all my life. I was born in Chatham and I know what people expect.

So will it be a case of competency vs a name and reputation?

I fear so. Personally I think party politics should be kept out of the Commissioner post but with the spiralling costs of running a county wide campaign it was always going to be the big three running them rather than someone on their own but this definitely brings an interesting spin on the Conservative race.

Personally I'd back Mike over Colonel Collins in this particular race because he is a Local man who has dedicated a lot of time to representing his ward and the towns in Policing matters rather than someone who has been parachuted in.

Also my two grandfathers (and years of reading military History) imbued me with their opinion of British Military officers:

The British army is run by its sergeants. The officer gives a vague order like; "Sergeant take that bunker." and the Sergeant and NCOs give the orders and organise the men effectively. P.J Sams

All our officers were bloody idiots. We should have shot them at the beginning. A.J Pullen

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  1. This must never happen, If Mike O'Brien is allowed to walk away from a law breaking cabinet to stand as police commissioner it would show what a joke our system is, one law for them and another for us. Let him answer the charges first and put his house in order IE Grain Village safety concerns. Laws have been broken and this man does not have the backbone to stand up and face them. Justice first!!!