Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Conservative Letter to stop EU law integration

In 1731 Captain Robert Jenkins had his ear cut off by the Spanish Coast guard sparking off the War of Jenkin's ear that ran from 1732-48.

In 1860, during the Opium war, Private Moyse of the 3rd East Kent Regiment was captured and executed for refusing to Kow-tow to the local Chinese Mandarin causing massive consternation amongst his piers and indeed in the Realm.

Britain has always guarded the sovereignty of its citizens and their rights abroad. They are citizens of this realm and subject to the justices of the Monarch and her ministers plain and simple.

It is along this same line that 102 Conservative MPs, including Chatham and Aylesford's own Tracey Crouch MP, have written an open letter (published in yesterday's telegraph) to David Cameron imploring him to use the "opt out" over Europe's "Pan European code of crimes" - an attempt to bring in line all of the member state's justice systems.
There is also the issue of the European Arrest warrant.
We want the UK Supreme Court to have the last word on UK crime and policing, not the European Court of Justice.

It finishes with:

We should maintain our national standards of justice and democratic control over crime and policing - but let other nations integrate more closely if they wish.

This isn't a revolt. Nor is a threat merely a plea to the Prime Minister.
As a salve to the irritating problem of the pro-European Lib Dems in coalition it suggests that we as a nation can still opt in on parts of the 130 point plan that will benefit the Country with regards to combating crime and international terrorism but Britain as a Nation should be responsible for its citizens.

I've always found Crime to be abhorrent, probably because I'm descended from a long line of Police men, who have served the nation for about a century. It is for this reason that I've always found Crime abhorrent and I can agree with the idea of getting member states together to pool resources - data, finger prints and DNA of convicted felons which could help solve cases abroad.

However the State should be responsible for its own laws (Drawing up and implementation) and every state is individual in its law creation as each has been created and molded by its own history. It should be out of the hands of the European Parliament as is the sovereignty of the British Citizen.

Britain is not a non extradition country and I am sure that if the German Polizei were to request a British citizen for arrest and deportation and could provide enough evidence to support the arrest, it would happen. It would be out of the EU's mandate to be able to action this overstepping British Sovereignty over its own citizens.

In short, I agree with the letter - bet no one saw that coming - and this wouldn't be a case of Britain being obtuse. If anything Europe should be about cooperating not integrating fully.


  1. The most precious thing about the EU is freedom of movement. We need a simple arrest system to go with it. This is just a tactic by the tory right to try to torpedo freedom of movement. Every Libdem should oppose it.

  2. Can the letter be seen or is it private? I would like to see it. One point though about Qatadar, EU are against evidence obtained by torture which one official from MI6 has been accused of and due to which there is to be an inquiry ''when we are in a position to do it'' said Kenneth Clarke.

    Anything by torture would be good to BIN, especially BEDS.

    Linda Drew

  3. This is Tory grand standing. Libertarian Tories are very happy to talk the freedom of the individual unless it happens to coincide with individuals who the public dislike. Immigrants, benefit 'scroungers' or other socially undesirable types are lampooned. In which case the rights of these individuals can be casually ignored and played with for popular appeal.

    I agree with extradition to Jordan but only if the individual can be guaranteed a fair trial. In the end we should all be equal before the law; that is a fundamental for all people, irrespective of what they have done.

    The Tory right are a kangaroo court... happy to undermine basic human rights for the sake of a few shallow votes when it suites them in one breath but then happy to claim that Labour created a totalitarian state in the other.

    They either accept the liberty and rights of the individual or they do not. This case shows that whether the individual is a terrorist or a saint; both are treated equally before the law.

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