Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Fed up of reading Political propaganda?

 I've been reading local political blogs recently, mainly on the "Boris Island" debate and as some of my regular readers will know - Its been really irking me.

Not so much for the self aggrandisement, I mean all parties do that, its been for the down and out Spin and omission of facts.

My father was a world class liar... I mean unmatched in his ability to tell falsehoods to anyone and at the drop of a hat. He even told me that he was dying from an inoperable tumour with only a year at most to live. That was two years ago and he is fighting fit.

I've always been honest - well on the whole - as I've seen what lying and omitting the truth can do. I believe that in politics we should be truthful, we should not behave in such a manner. Deceiving the electorate and making false promises knowing full well it cannot be done or is untrue is wrong and it is what has turned the public off Politics rather than them wanting to get involved and make their communities better places or even to just do the basic and vote!

So imagine my growing anger as I read on... My stress levels rose and my mobile phone, on which I was doing my reading, almost paid the price of unbridled wrath........

Then through the darkness my Ipod spoke to me. A piece of music I had loved as a child and that I had introduced to Sophie came on.

This made me smile.

If you can't listen to it then you just need to filter it in to the text;

"Local Tories are robbing democracy - Mah na Mah na - by stopping representatives of the Labour - do do-di-do - from campagining- mah na mah na...."

As you can see the whole thing becomes a much more pleasant and bearable experience and I keep my cool.

Try it next time you're reading something that has more spin than a tumble dryer and has that smell of a country field at that special time of spring!

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