Monday, 5 March 2012

Local Labour are still not answering the question

BF 110C vs Spitfire
As a teenager I had a mild addiction to the Computer game "Their Finest Hour". It was a flight simulation for the PC based around the Battle of Britain with various playable aircraft on both sides of the battle. I was challenged by a friend to try and complete the game in the Twin engined Messerschmitt 110 C which is slow and has poor manoeuvrability - basically twice the size of the Spitfire and 100mph slower with three times the turning circle. Within a short time though I mastered this and by the time I traded in my PC I had some 2000 confirmed kills and an ongoing interest - well fascination with the Luftwaffe and twin engined planes in general. So why am I telling you this pointless anecdote?

Because I am used to slick manoeuvres and hasty turns to try and wriggle out of trouble and I am used to compensating and pressing home my attack - back then I was deadly.

Last night Cllr Osborne responded to my post On Medway Labour's "Blowing Smoke" (you can read his response here. and also John Ward's opinions of the matter here) When I got home from work I read the post and left a comment for invigilating which some 14 hours later has not been posted;

To quote the Labour leader's frequent complaint at PMQS;

Why doesn't he just answer the question? I will ask it again...

1. Cllr Osborne reads the same Commuter papers I do, the Metro and the Evening Standard - he has quoted from both on his blog before. However in his piece he claims that;

Despite the assertion by Medway Lib Dem Ginger Blog there is no mention of increasing aviation capacity, merely more high speed train capacity.

I know I have read the reports and I'm sure he must have also (though I have long since recycled these papers) that stated Government and Independent studies that had shown that within 10-20 years the UK will have gone past its aviation limit at its airports.
HS2 is also suffering a stringent "No" campaign with local MPs and councils debating the route (as they did with HS1 and Eurostar).

2. Also to quote the post and follow with a reposte;

We also believe it is important for the national party to have a position which reflects the public in Medway. We are working to have an influence on the policy agenda. - The same as Tracey, Rehman and Mark?
3. Firstly, I completely agree the local Conservative campaign struggled to get off the ground but as the threat level has increased so has their level of resistance has risen, maybe not to the level of Labour's but it is there. What confuses me and I will reiterate it from the original blog post is:
Where will the Council get the money for this shiny new campaign?

Yes, the old campaign was louder, bigger and brighter... but there was money then there isn't now. For what ever reason the Council have a massive £15m deficit to fill and have Out sourced two care homes, selling off another, cutting back services, raiding the Sure start emergency fund and now you guys want them to splash out on bigger badges and more posters?!?

Where is the money coming from? Who would be forced to suffer for extra posters and bigger badges?

I am genuinely interested to this and if there is a good answer I'll retract but at the moment I can't see it.

4. Finally, and this is a cosmetic point... It's The Ginger Liberal from Medway or even Ginger Liberal or if you prefer Chris Sams. I always find Ginger at the end of a sentence a little - well, a lot of insults hurled my way at school ended like that so I'd prefer it at the beginning. One of my lecturers taught me that if you are going to quote a source please get it right and now I know how what he meant.

So... with a Yellow Nosed bastard coming out of the sun on your tail firing off difficult questions... What's your response?

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