Friday, 6 April 2012

Good bye Miss Bell...

Miss Bell with Martin Johnson during a visit
Today is a sad day for me.

One of my best friends is leaving work for a much better job and a bright future.

Caroline and I have been friends for about three and a half years and she's helped me through a particularly nasty period of my life and I've always tried to be there for her and help her through things.

More than once have we found ourselves walking around the park chatting things over or emergency talks down on Lower Ground floor... hugs and tears and fights and laughs.

We've had some really good times, like me prank calling her office, or trying to get Martin Johnson's autograph during a visit, or even her one day of Messenger training with me... We both went out on a delivery runs, I came back with a sack of post, she came back with nothing but a Latte!
Around the Easter 2010 we started talking politics for the first time and found we were on opposite sides of the spectrum, she is a Tory and was horrified to find I agreed with Nick and during the election we did have a clash over European and Immigration policy! We text through the all night results as they came in. During the Coalition discussions Caroline called me and said;
You... You wouldn't form a government with Labour would you?
I promised to speak to Nick for her... I did send an email off especially for her on the off chance.
Since the Coalition, we've decided not to talk politics!!!

It's going to be tough at work without her here, seeing her was always a highlight and I'll miss our lunches and trips to KFC... but most of all I'll miss her friendship. She's going to a much better post and I'm really pleased and proud of her.

We're going to stay in touch as much as possible and I hope to see her again for KFC especially on our birthday. (25th November - I'm 1980 she's 1983) I really hope that we can stay friends.

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