Friday, 13 April 2012

Letters to the editor II

Here is the original wording of the letter I wrote to the Medway Messenger concerning the overspend on the Stoke Crossing and appeared on the 13th April 2012.

 Sturdee Avenue,
Dear Editor,
I am writing with regards the Council’s overspend of approximately £1.2m on the Stoke Crossing. (Featured in Monday’s Paper  “A Bridge to nowhere or money well (over)spent.”)
How can the Council continue to overspend on projects like this? This is yet another example (The bus station, Medway park, photocopiers, Woodlands school to name a few) of the Council being reckless with our Council taxes and what makes it worse they were warned beforehand that there would be an overspend and yet they still gave it a green light.

Who is going to take responsibility? Councillor Jarrett? One of the officers? As a tax payer I’d really like to see someone apologise and fall on their sword for these continued errors in judgement or to be called to account. After all it is our services that have been are in danger of being cut because of a lack of money but yet someone continues to be wasteful in the halls of power. How many millions of pounds have been wasted on all of the afore mentioned projects?
We wouldn’t accept it from Westminster and we shouldn’t have to accept it from Gun Wharf.

Yours Faithfully

Chris Sams

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