Sunday, 13 January 2013

How do Libdems sleep at night?

I'm often asked, as a Libdem, how do I sleep at night?
I could ask similar questions of Labour activists (how can you believe half of what your party says sometimes?) and Conservatives (How can you believe that some of these policies are actually going to benefit anyone?).

That aside, the answer is not well. The last six or so months have been trying. At one point I was managing about 5 hours a night. Lots of staring at the ceiling and thinking;

How can one so small make so much noise?

Indeed, my conscience is clear. It is only my boy Ollie and the alarm for work that rises me from my slumber - and I do love my sleep!

The truth is, there are things that the Party has done within the Coalition that make me cringe. There are bills we've voted for that make my blood chill and sometimes I've bitten my tongue and told myself it is all for the greater good find there are some I've been vocal in my criticism of.

Unlike the caller to "Call Nick" who had torn up his membership card in disgust, I have no such plans.

The reasons are two fold;

1: I've paid for it and as a member I have a voice and can, with like minded others, effect change to the party I believe in and love.

2. I believe in our local message. Now I know our critics will sneer and say; "What message?" but we have one.

You have to ask yourself why we as a group were not wiped out in 2010? Why didn't Labour mount a serious challenge in Gillingham South?

The answer is simple; despite national politics our local councillors have a history and record of hard work. Geoff Juby, the Kearneys and Diana Smith work exceptionally hard for their residents. It is by sheer hard work rather than party politics that have kept them in.

We're beavering away in the background and with a list of future candidates due for release soon and a raft of policy ideas and aims to make Medway better for the residents that I'll, hopefully be able to talk about soon!

It is this local message, the local party and our local aims that help me keep the faith buttressed by the good work we have done in Parliament. That's how I keep the faith and, Ollie and Sophie allowing, get a good nights sleep.

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