Wednesday, 23 January 2013

SADS petition and Oliver King foundation

Sophie Howard - the post'll get more views if there is a picture of her
 on it, which will hopefully lead to more signatures!
I see a lot of petitions flying around Twitter, I do end up signing about half of them - at least the ones I believe are good causes!

Anyway, on the weekend, the former model posted a link to a petition that I duly read and signed and I think it is something that you should do too - after all it is a very worthy cause.

The basics are SADS - not the winter miseries but;

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

It is a growing problem which effects 12-35 year olds killing 12 people a week!

All it will take to reverse this is a simple ECG to see if there is a heart murmer or a problem that could cause a heart attack or cardiac episode.

The other measure that is being discussed is that for all public buildings to have a defibrillator and trained staff to use it so that if someone does collapse, as Oliver King a twelve year old boy who died at a public swimming bath, something can be done.

I won't reinvent the wheel by re-writing all the information that is on the Petition, I would just strongly urge you to at least click the link and read it - then if you agree with it (and me) then do please sign it.

The petition will be discussed by backbenchers if it can get to 100,000 signatories (currently at 76923).

Let's do everything we can to stop senseless deaths in young people and expand our knowledge on this growing health problem.

I will be bringing this to the attention of the Medway Libdem Exec committee in tonight's meeting to see if we can find out and or influence Medway Council to do it's part with defibrillators in public spaces too.

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