Monday, 18 March 2013

Norman Baker making tracks

Interestingly, Libdem Rail minister Norman Baker's band is releasing an album.

The band was re-formed in 1990 and Mr Baker was quoted in the Metro as saying this;

I've done it now because I thought I should get round to it before I'm too clapped out. That'll be about ten years hence.

I would't write a song slagging the prime minister. I was never going to write about politics. That would be naff.

However, that's not the thrust of this post. As I read the Metro the reporter, Fred Attewill, had included a retort from the Tax Payers alliance's Jonathan Isaby:

I hope it doesn't distract him from the huge cost of HS2, with which he is about to burden the taxpayer. He needs to make sure his sums add up.


Ok, I get the relivance, really I do but for Pete's sake. It's what Norman Baker does in his personal time, completely devolved from politics.If Norman Baker was making a complete hash of his post or wasn't working dutifully then, yes I'd take the point but he is so what are the TPA chattering on about?

Everyone has there personal life away from Government be it local or national and in this case the story is a purely, almost fun story, of a minister showing his human side.

Would anyone judge local Cllr Chris Irvine for being in a band?

Would anyone judge Nick Clegg for taking time off with his kids? (sadly yes)

Would anyone judge David Cameron bringing his boys to the Imperial War Museum?

Would anyone judge Tracey Crouch for managing her Girls Football team?

It's got bugger all to do with politics or policy it's what he does in his personal time and as long as doesn't interfear with their work lives then what's the problem?

For me I'm kind of lucky, Politics is my hobby really, something I do when I'm not at work or with my family. It is for my quiet time or Train time until I can afford a really nice model train set - then I'm sure a detractor would attack me for doing that and not looking at policy!

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