Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cllr Juby on Politics, Thatcher, Law and Legislation

Local Liberal Democrat Group Leader Geoff Juby's recent column in the Medway Messenger:

Love her or hate her, I think the rumblings over Lady Thatcher's funeral will resound for some time. As someone who was very badly affected by her policies in the 80s I had very little time for the lady.

Like many others who are now feeling the pinch right now, I also take a jaundiced view of the suggestion that the costs to the nation probably totalled about £10 million

However, someone is involved in politics at a national level pointed out that it was a golden opportunity for the world's foreign ministers to meet up. High level international meetings are invariably over hyped with fairly rigid set agendas, and I am wondering how many quiet private meetings took place behind the scenes with no intrusive press questions to answer.

Maybe history, or an indiscreet autobiography, will one day reveal the answer.

On a different tack, there has been enormous coverage of the consequences of the benefits cuts, but the long term effects of the cuts to legal aid will probably be far more devastating.

We Brits have always prided ourselves that justice is available to everyone, but now access to the courts will be available to the wealthy. People who have been subjected to abuse will not have any recourse to help.

There is also the question of official powers - it is a dangerous situation when anyone in any position of authority, whether council, police or official security companies under contract, can feel confident that they can't be sued for unfair treatment or false accusations.

So much is happening so quickly that I sometimes wonder how much slips through the net of publicity and we are only going to become aware of consequences when it will be too late to change legislation.

I think Geoff hits the nail on the head with his final point - the benefits changes have been brought through under the banner of "Hitting the Scroungers" gaining support from voters only to find out that they are getting hit in the pockets too. NHS needing reform, which it does, could be a back door opening to Privitisation. We all need to be careful and scrutinise what is actually being said and for the love of all that you hold Holy - Don't take your MP, Councillor or MEPs word for it... Read the stuff yourself and then decide whether you agree or not and don't get sucked into the hyperbole of the media or Political spin - go to the Source.

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