Monday, 5 August 2013

Right, Twitter, let's get a few things straight

There have been a few times recently where I have thought; I am so done with Twitter.

The echoing sound box of people agreeing with each other and the shouting down of those who disagree.

Those waiting for a mis tweet or slip up and *boom* it is everywhere...

I'm tired of the political robots who have built a facade removing most of their humanity and replacing it with professionally taken Avatar images, tweets that are straight from their party line as if their feed is connected to the central Press office.

I should clear this up for those who are labouring under false pretences - I'm not an elected official.

I'm not an official spokes person for the Medway Liberal Democrats (I know, I've been told that by the group chair.)

I'm just a guy who happens to be a Libdem but chats about what he finds interesting.

My avatar at the moment is a cartoon of a Luftwaffe Pilot which I found on a book at work and considering my passion for German aircraft and the Luftwaffe found it quite fitting. I tweet about a lot of things I find interesting and as I do not define myself as solely Libdem I tend to tweet a lot about my other passions - games, history (local and Luftwaffe) and also my Genealogy research which has been going on for quite some time.

My twitter feed is my personal feed - no one elses (as is my blog). If you don't like it do please unfollow.

Should I manage to get selected and run for Gillingham South ward in the Local election of 2015 then there will be some more political statements and should I manage to get elected then I probably will set up a separate Councillor Twitter feed for those who want to contact me about politics and the ward etc.

I will however not become a party machine. I believe politics is about the people and for the people so will stand as a person and as Cromwell put it, warts and all. I live in Gillingham with my small family and I work in a low paid section of the Public sector in London meaning I commute regularly.

I have frustrations with Medway Council but I also believe in the greatness of our towns and that they deserve the best. If you want a hardworking representative who genuinely cares about the ward and the residents of Gillingham then look no further. I'll fight tooth and nail for it.

If you want a party political machine that has designs on one day running for Westminster then do please vote for another candidate and see how that works out for you.

On a similar tact - I will never refer to myself in the third person on Twitter, on my blog or in Press releases - it is creepy and robotic and no - just no....

While we're talking about Social networks etc - my Facebook account is personal and fairly off limits to people. It is about my personal friends and family. I hold my family life fairly tightly and only show snippets on Twitter. I would urge people not to add me on Facebook without messaging me first or face disappointment.

That's the way it is and that is the way it must be. I am a man before I am a Party.

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