Saturday, 17 August 2013

Star Wars Battlefront III

For fans of the original Star Wars Battlefront and its successor Battlefront II there has been a long wait for a sequel on a newer platform and now it looks like our dreams may be answered.

A sneaky teaser trailer was released onto the internet earlier this year giving Star Wars fans and gamers the chills as they begin to hope for more running around blasting Stormies/Rebel scum depending on your orientation.

The first two games were fantastic and allowed many of us Fanboys to finally do what we had always wanted to do - run around as Stormtroopers, drive AT-ATs and fly TIE fighters in combat.

The levels were all straight forward and held the same format as the World War two variants of the game with taking bases to increase your potency, bring you forward command posts and weaken your enemy.

There were two eras to choose from, The Republic (vs the Confederacy of Planets) and the Empire (vs. the Rebellion) with each army haing basciallythe same untis but with specialised elites.

The first offered a limited role for starfighters with only the Bespin level making them the focus. The role was mainly close support and anti-vehicle role but the smallness of the levels meant that you could never open up the throttle.

The AT-ST was the king of the battlefield and somewhat unstoppable if you had a pilot character inside and the Droidika was the best in built up eras and corridors.

Although the campaign wasn't great it was entertaining as you cross the galaxy and if you win enough battles you get to remove a planet (by Death Star or Blockade) or instantly get it to switch side (if you're the good guys). Each planet offers a benefit for your campaign like more ammunition, health regenration or more reinforcements.

There were heros avialable on certain levels for a limited time period dependent on how many hits you took and how many bad guys you killed.

The Second offered much much more to offer gamers.

Although the AT-ST was toned down and erial support was removed from ground battles certain other bonuses came forward.

Firstly Officer class characters who are able to rally troops with a mod and carry a greande launcher. Personally i didn't use this much and stuck to my trustee Stormtrooper (or Sniper) class.

The biggest change was the advent of Space Battles. Each side having four classes of Starfighter (Fighter, Interceptor, Bomber and Transport.) with Pilot class and Marines for boarding - Yes Boarding!

I was elated to thefirst time I climbed out of my TIE fighter and ran around a Mon Cal Cruiser. Unfortunatly the accessable area is fairly small but worth exploring.

space battles revolve around scoring points by destroying parts of the enemy's Capital ship like Engines, sensors, Gunnery and sheilds. You can do that outside or for trooper fun - inside.

The Campaign for the single player is fantastic and follows the career of a 501st clone from Geonosis up to the battle of Hoth fighting droids, Rebels and Clone troopers with a story mode feel with individula mission objectives making it feel less samey and more story based.

A Droid Marine

Galactic Conquest has been streamlined so there is only one battle per planet but you earn points per planet owned to pay for new Starfleets or unlocking new troop types. The Starfleets can only move along the Space lanes and through systems you control making it ever so more tactical.

It is a game that never really tires and that can appeal to the General of the Grunt - If the new game runs on a similiar engine and is even half the game that I and II were then it should be amazing...

I, and a lot of other gamers and Star Wars fans wait with baited breath!

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  1. Battlefront was an amazing game, and I'd love to see it make an appearance on next-gen systems. Unfortunately, with Disney's closure of LucasArts, the more I read about it the more it seems like we're not going to see it any time soon, despite the explosion of hype that came along with the trailer.

    Here's hoping though - I think I spent most of my early twenties storming the docking bays of various ISDs!