Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I'm Running for Medway council

Hi, my name is Chris Sams and I'm running for councillor on behalf of the Liberal Democrat party for the ward of Luton & Wayfield.
I was born here thirty years ago and spent the first few years of my life in Gillingham; although I moved away I maintained exceptionally strong family links and a love for Gillingham FC before finally moving back her in 2008.
I am married with a ten old month daughter and work shift work in London commuting by train every day.
I have been a member of the Liberal Democrat party for two years now because I believe whole heartedly in the freedom of the individual and that power should not be held in Westminster but be put back into the hands of people and local authorities such as Medway council. I also believe that we are the party that can make a difference; we are not tied down to the Unions or big business but to the principles of freedom, equality and working for you for what you want.
So why should you vote for me?
The quick answer is because I care about Medway and I want to improve things for you and for me.
Currently I work 45 hours a week of shift work in London on just under 20k a year, I'm married with a ten month old daughter who uses the local nursery and sure start centre and  my wife works part time for just under 10k a year in a local supermarket around looking after our daughter. I am a member of what Nick Clegg would call "Alarm clock Britain." but I would say that I am one of the many just like you.
I want our council tax and National Government money spent on good public services; I want parks that my daughter can play in, schools that will help her achieve her potential, a lower crime rate, decent roads and amenities for the elderly such as my 90 year old Grandfather who lives in Chatham. I want to be part of the solution and I want act as your mouthpiece with greater consultation as to what you the residents and tax payers want and don't want. I want to cut down Council waste such as the recently reported £2 million on stationary, try to make things more efficient and save money that can be ploughed back into our communities.
I'm not interested in the party politicking or blame game that the Conservatives and Labour seem hell bent upon, it solves nothing and who gets caught in the cross fire?
We do.
Please bear my candidacy in mind, I'm not doing this for power or money but for the greater community, a community that I am a part of and want to see improved and the things that we as residents want as protected as they can be.

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