Sunday, 13 March 2011

Voter apathy- Why we should all take an interest in politics.

People like me need to be stopped.

When I was a younger man I had an interesting view of politics. I dreamt of a nation where the state ran with a Hobbesian efficiency with the belief that the populous should follow the edicts and directions of the state because they are the state.

Every street corner would have an armoured stormtrooper to dispense justice where needed, demonstrations against government policy would be met with machine gun nests and armoured columns. Protestors would be hewn apart and government law sustained.
A secret police would be re-established to police what the people got up to and even bringing in the idea of "Night and Fog" laws. Compulsory ID cards, Police with the right to stop and search anyone, detention of suspects indefinately, removal of Haebius Corpus, capital punishment, militarisation of education, no more search warrants...

Democracy would have been removed from the people's hands in one foul swoop and freedom crushed below the heel of a jackboot.

Thankfully I grew out of this phase! My ideals changed as I matured and I'm dedicated to the ideas of liberty, freedom and cutting back on mandatory state control and the ideals of Mills. I'm glad that I have changed, I'm a proud member of the Liberal Democrats and even against public opinion.... I agree with Nick.
But there are still people out there who believe in what I used to, people to who would steal happily remove the democratic rights of people. Not the whole populous mind you but definatly groups.

Even political parties have been responsible for carrying out acts that I have mentioned. The former Government was responsible for bringing in the control orders, detention without trial whilst evidence is being amassed, compulsory ID cards and stop and search powers. The reaction by the Public was fairly neglegent... Rights were being taken away and no one blinked!

Even in the general election 2010, there was massive apathy.

"Does it matter if we vote? They're all the same as each other."


If people don't vote or even take five minutes to understand who stands for what and what they want to do then make an informed decission. There's no point in distancing yourself from politics and then complaining when a government carries out policies that it has always said it would.
It can also lead to hung parliaments and then people, whop actually voted and care about their party will become rightly cross when consensus agreements are made.

I know that politics can be dry, it can be very dull. (I've watched speeches that could put insomniacs to sleep) I'm not saying we should all be party members or out campaigning.
What I am saying is... centuries of protest, martyrs and oppression in this country, YOU have the vote, YOU have the power - Not the politicians! - YOU owe it to those who have died and campaigned to just take a little time, once every five years, to actually do something and make a difference.

Your country doesn't ask much of you really... A census every ten years and a vote to decide on your parliament.

Please help stop people like my younger self. If you don't pay attention he could get into power and then we're all in trouble and our hard fought rights will go out of the window.

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