Friday, 25 March 2011

Mr Clegg's blooper?

                                                                Mr Clegg's TV Mic slip up

(Unlike more normal blogs, which I tirelessly try and make sound neutral in tone this one is somewhat rushed and fed up.)

The media seem to have been whipped up into a frenzy in discussing Nick Clegg's latest mistake. The Sun newspaper even mentions it as being in the same vein as Gordon Brown's famous "Bigot Gate" slip during last years election. Others that he is showing his true colours as a true blue Tory.

But what was actually said?

Well the context was that he and David Cameron had been launching an "Enterprise zone" in Nottingham and the meeting had gone particularly well.

He turned to David Cameron and said:

Of we keep doing this we won't find anything to bloody disagree on in the bloody TV debates.

Well batten down the hatches!!!!!

If anything it is a good natured quip to a colleague. Also it is something that many Liberal Democrats and Conservatives have said since the formation of the Coalition! Both parties are generating joint policy for the better of the country so it will be difficult to debate past government policy when both parties signed up to it!

Also would it be better if the two parties were at each others throats and the two leaders did not get on? Would they prefer a government, whom at this present time of national emergency, that spent all its time in fighting or would it be better that they did get on and work together constructively?

The Media also took a brief moment to link this to Nick's earlier comment about forgetting he was meant to be running the country.
Which again was an ill timed but definite off the cup quip. You would have to be a dribbling moron on cloud cuckoo land if you had forgotten something that serious.

My main question to the collected media groups is this:

Why is this story making page 2 of the Sun and other papers giving it coverage and yet human rights violations abroad in Bahrain, Ivory coast and Syria aren't mentioned? This is a total non story.

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