Monday, 5 September 2011

Another Shark attack.

Tragedy struck again, this time at Bunker Bay, Australia, as a 21 year old body boarder had his legs taken off by an unknown shark.
Although rescued from a sea of blood, the man died of blood loss.

This was the first attack in these waters for twenty years- so why?

A surfer
To be honest, the conditions were perfect. There were at least twenty surfers in the water, the splashing of swimming is proven to attract sharks as it is the same noise an injured or dying fish or seal make.
Surfers laying on their boards also look like seals from underneath, this coupled with the splashing would lead any shark to deduce the victim was an injured seal.

But why would a a seal hunting shark like a Great White Shark, Carcharodon carcharias be attacking in that area?

A Seal... spot the difference.
I'm glad you asked. There is a seal colony around the corner according to local Hamish McLeay. In other words such an attack could be expected.

Sadly the hunt for the shark has already begun despite the fact that no one saw it. Yet again nature's perfect marine predator will be hunted for doing what evolution has prepared it to do. Unlike humans, Sharks do not kill for fun but always for food- Why should it be hunted down?

Also without a positive ID, nor length etc, how many others will be caught and displayed as trophies?

Again I plead with the world to just leave them be and accept that where wild animals and humans mix there will be occasional clashes and deaths.

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