Monday, 19 September 2011

Over using the N- Word.

The more I read about protests and campaigns against the Government/establishment the more and more I see people using the N word.

Nazi is a word that is thrown about too much. That and Police state. A lot of protesters throw out these insults as the Police try to establish order or carry out a Governmental order but I'm not sure they know what it means.Nazi is an abbreviation of for the German National Socialist Workers' party which was established after the First world War and taken over and transformed by Adolf Hitler. After the fall of the Third Reich the party was made illegal in Germany and across the world. The party stood for regaining lost territory and prestige for Germany that was lost in 1918 and sought to create a greater German Reich that would stand for a Milena. Its hallmarks included a centralised state, military growth and anti-Semitism mixed with eugenics. It would be safe to say that anyone who describes themselves a Nazi are probably not in any possible way - but are more likely anti-Semites or racists.

The state also established the Gestapo for keeping a track of the civilians through a network of informants and used the "Nacht Und Nebel" decrees to arrest suspects late in the night. Many people would wake to find their neighbours gone and never to be seen again, doomed to disappear into Concentration camps or disappear into the torture chambers of the Prinz Alberct Strasse HQ. At no point would anyone call for the release of "Political prisoners" without disappearing into the night and fog themselves. As for anti war protests such as Brian Hawes peace camp? Lets just say that a married couple who left postcards in public foyers with anti-war statements were beheaded.

To describe any Law enforcement in this Country as Nazi is just naive.I'm not saying that law enforcement is perfect in this country or that those who are friends of liberty and freedom should not take their eyes off Government legislation. It is easy for even well meaning measures to become oppressive. Take for example Control orders, national ID databases... it can so rapidly spiral out of control.

So how would the Dale farm incident be dealt with under a Nazi rule? Well the Wehrmacht or the SS would have gone in on the day, not after ten years of council and legal wranglings, and they would have cleared and liquidated all who stood in their way. It wouldn't have even made the news.

The Riots? No Police lines stood watching for three days. Action that day from the Military Kommandant of London. When the Warsaw uprising started the Wehrmacht troops began to struggle but then the Government ordered a strike and the SS and the Dirlwanger units went in and cleared the streets brutally whilst artillery and aircraft systematically flattened the city. On the second day we would begin to bury our dead.

The same is true for the student protests and marches on Parlaiment square would have been met with MG42 machine gun nests, live rounds and even half-tracks. Think final battle in Captain Corelli's mandolin (chapter 14 on the DVD). There would be no kettling.

Other states like Syria or Yemen have demonstrated true Police state or Naziesq measures to deal with civil unrest and rebellion. People have died and continue to die in the name of freedom and democracy. Here, someone who doesn't agree with the Government or is protesting something are often quick to call "Nazi" or "Police state!" however in reality they don't know how lucky they are to be born in a country that does cherish freedom and democracy.

Is it perfect? No, but we are not a Nazi state nor a police state. If you find yourself up against the Police at a demonstration then thank your stars that he is not a German Stormtrooper armed with an MP40 and a superiority complex.

 Lets try not to use the N word unnecessarily.

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