Thursday, 29 September 2011

Great White Shark strikes in South Africa.

A man is recovering in hospital after having being mauled by a Great White Shark off Fish Hoek beach in South Africa. Mr Cohen (42) a Canadian born British national who works as an accountant in Cape Town has lost his right leg and left foot to a ten foot Great White that had been sighted off the coast.

Two men in their 60's put themselves in danger swimming out to pull him from the water and only the arrival of a seal, the Shark's natural foodstuff distracted the shark from attacking them too.

The beach was closed due to three sharks being sighted offshore the day before and white flags were clearly displayed warning the public not to enter the water.
The area has one of the highest concentration of Great White Sharks in the world, there is also a seal colony who were aware of the sharks in the water and were as close to shore as they could.
He was warned every time he went into the water about the Sharks in the water and said;
"If a shark takes me then blame me, not the shark"

Its interesting that even with a lot of blood in the water and wounded prey the shark disengaged to chase a seal, surely this shows that they truly do not like humans.

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