Monday, 11 June 2012

Arms Protestors wasting their time?

The other day whilst cruising around Youtube I stumbled upon this video of "Die-in" protestors who tried to interupt a Ministry of Defence dinner for Arms dealers at the Imperial War Museum.

Although War is brutal and a world without it would be a much better place I do question the tactic of striking an Arms industry dinner.Lets be honest, the delegates in the footage are either Military (where it is their job to have good munitions and weaponary) or the suppliers.

How many are likely to turn around and rethink their lives?
Look at the way the delegates are responding to the protestors as well, they are barely even acknowledging them and have just stepped over them. They do not care a single iota.
Many modern Arms dealers as well as Soldiers would argue that they need better weapons to keep this nation safe and Her Majesty's Soldiers alive in Afghanistan. Britain's Foreign and Military Policy is to fight International terrorism not, as it was a Century ago, to fight an Imperialist agenda against other European nations to capture trade etc. As much as people detest it, the arms business does deal a lot of trade and money for the treasury as well as jobs for British Industry so they feel its the Country's interest - not just economically but also militarially. For them the cause is just and noble or lucrative, they won't change their course because six of you "die" at their feet.

I've worked within the service industry for far too long and have worked functions in a catering and a security capacity and there is a singular constent. Delegates don't see anyone that isn't important enough, caterers and security are mere fixtures until they want something, events officers are barely noticable As rightious as the cause may be or you believe in, I'm afraid that you will not change it demonstrating at the source in these small numbers.

War is one of the most horrific things to happen to any people or Country. I've read history, especially military history, since I was small (about 6 or 7) and I have seen the depths of human misery and suffering as well as the things one human being will do to another. I've read about Genocide, slaughter of men, women and children, oppression, rape, torture, tragedy and murder. Of gas that burns you inside out, flame throwers that torch lines of trenches bathing you in burning petrol, men trapped and burned alive within their tanks or spiralling in their aircraft from 10,000 ft with no escape or worse bailing out with a broken parachute. It is truly horrific and must always be the last resort.

If anything you need to change your taget, its the general public and politicians that make the legislation though I fear that it is a lost cause. Count von Moltke once described War as Part of God's creation. It is inescapbaly part of Human society, the strong will always seek to dominate the weak and there are natural resources that some nations/groups will fight for. There is a certain type of enlightenment that unfortunately doesn't exist in mankind yet, but do keep up the good fight!

So to answer the question; On this occasion Yes they were but in the bigger picture, No.

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