Sunday, 17 June 2012

Defiance teaser

The sky was clear, too clear for Jonathon's liking. With the N'kell's aerial supremacy the small flight of bombers were a sitting target. To make matters worse the army had sent in commandos to set up a dampening field to nullify all scopes along the flight path so they would know that they were coming and which way.
So far he'd been surprised the enemy hadn't flooded the gap.
"It's too quiet." He muttered across Channel 7 to Doolan.
"I hear that."
He could hear the tension in her voice, the concentration as she checked instruments and visual scanning. The flight of Nautilus hung five thousand feet above and set behind the bomber formation and throttled right back to keep pace. He glanced up and saw the two fighters that were their over in case of a high altitude attack.
This was not what they had trained for.
"Sir, where are the Salamanders?" Grant asked in hushed tones through the intercom.
"Not sure. Knowing those guys they've gone swanning off looking for the enemy."
"Bet its us that finds them." Grant chuckled but Jonathan could see him nervously moving the tail gun as he looked for the silhouettes of N'kell fighters. He knew that his gunner was more than likely right.

His mind turned to the mission and he double checked the map in his lap, looked at the land marks below and marked his estimated position next to the course drawn on in thick red ink. They were pretty much on course and well with in the corridor.
"Its too quiet." he muttered again.
His mind turned back to Doolan and the moment they'd almost shared, the light in her eyes, the way her lips had parted, the feel of her body pressed against his.
Something caught his eye. Three dark shapes moving at speed coming up behind the bombers and there, yes there! Laser fire.
"Red Three to lead, enemy marks low forty five degrees!"
"Copy Three." Jenkins voice was icy cold and measured. "Red section, break and dive."
"Roger that." Claire's voice sounded almost relieved. "Ellert follow me down then you Freya and O'Keefe."
Jonathan watched the two port fighters role away and dive and began counting to ten.
"Red Four, follow me down and stay close." Quickly he brought the stick over in a controlled roll and pulled it into a power dive.

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