Thursday, 14 June 2012

Yet some Tories are being Childish about abstention

As an unexpected Take II from yesterday's post. According to the I report (Lib Dems 'traitors' for not backing Hunt 14-6 p.7) there has been a bit of a furious outburst from the Conservative benches regarding the Liberal Democrat abstention yesterday.

Although the Government "won" by 290 votes to 252 last night there was a slash of majority from 80 to 38 and with some MPs being called back from honeymoon, from a funeral and even Conor Burns MP being pulled in from hospital (he stated that so our Coalition partners can polish their consciences)to make sure the Government would win.

This has, understandably, ruffled some feathers and there have been some minor ruptions within the Coalition but such was likely to happen when two parties come together, there will be things, like Europe, that we are diametrically opposed on. It is the nature of working together.

However some Conservatives have taken it more seriously than others.

It is hard to say how badly the Clegg-Cameron relationship has been damaged due to their heated and lengthy debates on the subject, only the two of them would be able to say that for certain. Lets be honest if there was a strain between them, they wouldn't show it as critics of the Coalition would flood the gap and tear it asunder.

However according to Andrew Grice's report "Rebel" Tory MPs will be voting against the Libdem's Lords reform proposals.
The Lords vote will be payback time apparently.

Nadine Dorries also commented that the Libdems were indeed Traitors and not proper members of the Government.

She also tweeted:
Lib Dems future involves falling off the edge of a political cliff. Today's cowardly behaviour will equate to a 'shove' by their own hands

It is hard to say how many disaffected Conservative members will attack the reform but senior Libdems aren't worried (though I am) and think that those that are sounding off are ones who would have voted against it anyway.

It is fair to say that Ms Dorries has been a strong critic of the Liberal Democrats in the Coalition and for her to state that the party aren't proper members of Government is just farcical considering the work that Libdem ministers have put in and the amount of times they have kept quiet over certain issues in the same way that the Tories have on others. It is, after all a marriage of ideas and how many marriages run with both parties agreeing on everything?

This was something we could not agree to nor could we agree with Labour on this issue. If anything, though, I'm sure others would want to vote with Labour on this, it was for the Coalition that we stayed silent and abstained. Sacrificing our beliefs but maintaining conscience. This is what Grown up politics is about.

Now, there is the threat of voting against greater democracy and legislation out of spite? I'm forced to ask, is this the sort of grown up behaviour and politics that adults indulge in or is this the playground?

There will be times where the parties don't agree and just because we have different opinions on things there and don't agree you shouldn't just throw your toys out the pram.

I would urge any Conservative MPs reading this to please look at the merits of the proposals and reform itself, what it will mean and then make your decision on this factors. Please do not turn this into a tit-for-tat party politics as its the electorate that will suffer for the game playing.


  1. It was for the coalition that we supported Vince Cable when he "declared war on Murdoch" - yet the Lib Dems cowered away when the tables were turned. That is where the anger has come from.

    1. Fair point. :-)

      Its not so much the anger, its the threats to derail a Libdem policy because of it. After all we had to stand by our principles on this and an abstention was better than voting against.