Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Labour Transport drop manure on my Twitter feed about Estuary Airport.

I'm meant to be on a sabbatical from Politics and the world of Westminster/Gun Wharf whilst enjoying time with my new son and my family. However in a dry spell of procrastination whilst decorating I hit Twitter and caught up on a few things.

It appears that Transport is the issue of the week and I'll come to the Railways later or tomorrow as this one really ground my gears.

The @Labourtransport twitter feed said this:

Which is a lie.

No two ways about it. Let me think and check... No its a lie.

Back in January (19th) I wrote the following blog post;
Lib dems sink Boris Island and Clegg publically came out and said that the Libdems were against the notion of an estuary airport and Boris Island. In fact our 2010 Manifesto was against airport building and expansion in the South east region. I've always known that the Truth is an elusive object within politics and I've always believed in credit where credit's due, after all that's what the New Politics is all about. We're meant to be acting as grown ups etc... I also know that every party has done it and probably will do it but Labour - I'm sorry I've caught you and you've vexed me on this.

The point is, it doesn't matter what I think. Labour has a much bigger mouth than I have and a much better media machine than either the Liberal Democrats and especially myself. The adage of If you throw enough mud also comes into it and ultimately I fear that the truth will be lost and that they will gain support from this.

Because of this - I've died a little inside and my faith in our Nation's political system and representatves has suffered another blow.

Labour should be ashamed of themselves but I know they probably aren't.

I shall say it again and hope that the truth will stay around:

The Liberal Democrat Parliamentary party and Local (Medway Branch) have always

been consistently against an Estuary Airport.

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