Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Lords reform; A die has been cast

Well... They've done it... They've finally done it.

OK, we can put off Trident.

OK we can bite the bullet and raise Tuition fees IF we can make the application process and repayment system ultimately fairer.

OK we can agree to cuts as long as we can hit the Mansions and cut income tax for the poorest.

What is NON NEGOTIABLE tenets for the Libdems, indeed for me as well, was looking into House Of Lords reform.

But a handfull or rebels have suceeded in fudging up the Coalition agreement and Lords reform.

It was always going to be a steep mountain to climb for Nick Clegg to convince the Conservatives to swallow their pride and either abstain or grip the nettle and vote "Yes" as we have done.

Instead, the contract has been broken.

The vote that was lost pretty much cut the throat of the whole process and so rather than watch it bleed to death over the coming months Nick has called "time" and shelved it.

For Nick's official response click here.

But what does it mean for the Coalition?

Well, I fear that Tit-for-tat voting may become the norm, indeed the moves to stop boundary reform are considered to be the first step (also quoted by BBC Journalist Robin Brant "There is now a definite air of tit-for-tat around the coalition"). It is very important that both leaders stamp this out immediately... well after Boundary reforms (Why should we make it easy for them, right?)

It isn't good for the Country, economy or politics.

David Cameron needs to get his house in order and bang some heads. As I said before, those who voted against because they fundamentally didn't believe in it should be safe but there were rebels in the list whose names were far too familiar.

This Government was founded on an agreement. Whether individual MPs or Rebellious Covens agree with it or not is irrelevant - Your leadership signed up to it as did ours and we have to stick to it.

I'm trying not to be partisan about this but... Lords Reform, along with Electoral reform, is one of the cornerstones of my political beliefs. I'm really gutted by the climb down and really angered that a small group of rebels have, in my opinion, screwed over the whole country and democracy.

An agreement like this is more than just a "Piece of paper" it is something that we as a party have taken seriously and probably to our detriment and it turns out they don't even feel the same way.

I think our Leadership and indeed David Cameron especially, need to look at this and think long and hard. It may be even time to ask the un askable question;

Is it time for us to walk away from the Coalition? After all if, in a real marriage you found your Spouse was not honouring the vows you'd want to call time, or work through some SERIOUS issues?

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