Thursday, 16 August 2012

Time to call it quits?

So my reduced services pledge and sabbatical is going well!!!!

Before I went on leave I wrote a blog  post about my writing, this blog and what I'm thinking for the future (here) and well... I've been thinking.

Tonight, following a massive mix up on the part of a Local Labour member and myself, which has all been cleared up having him genuinely not seeing the disclaimer in the corner of this blog, I started to analyse the blog, my role in the local party and politics as a whole.

Its like a whirling aerial dogfight. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy dogfighting but it should remain in the air where it belongs.

I've spoken about this before and about how I spent my teenage years preparing for a battle that had happened some fifty years before by cleaving my way through enemy airforces (usually in a BF 110 taking the RAF apart) but I didn't expect to still be doing it in another form.

I got into politics quite by accident. It started as a dare to stand up for my chosen party, then I went to a few meetings, wrote a few things about Southeastern ticket rises etc... Next thing I know I'm on the Total Politics blog top 100, Group Secretary, a prospective candidate for election... What the heck happened?

Partly its a selfish act.

I want what is best for my family and for families like mine across the Medway towns. I am motivated as a tax payer and resident by the issues that tick me off or make me happy and I want a better life for us.

If I'm involved I'm part of a solution rather than sitting at home bitching about the Council or the Government.

I truly believe that Politics should be open and honest and conducted by grown ups.

I'm sorely disappointed.

There are those like Vince Maple, Geoff Juby, Tracey Crouch et al. who aren't into the game playing, who believe in the same as I.

There are however many more who are into playing the game. Its all about the twisting words, semantics, the accusations, the mud flinging, the down right dirty play and even straight up fibs. For them party victory is THE most important thing. They're not isolated to just the Labour party, there are those in the Conservatives and I am ashamed to say it, yes even the Libdems.

All I can say is; I tire of it.

There came a point that even Molders and Hartmann grew tired of dogfighting and left it to younger pilots. Is this now my turn to bring her about and head back to the airfield and take a desk job?

Maybe it is. After all my life's ambition is to obtain true peace and quiet mixed with a good book and comfy arm chair.

My family is the most important thing to me and with the birth of my son Oliver three weeks ago, I've been finding my time has been severely dented. So much so that I am seriously considering not running for secretary again this year as I can't guarantee I'll get to every meeting. I'm almost tempted to just fade back into the ether of the Medway Political scene and become a small l Liberal.

Then I think of what my Great Grandfather Walter used to say;

When you're right - fight.

I want to fight for a better Politics, the New Politics.
I want to fight for a fairer deal for my family and millions like us.
I want to fight through the lies and continue to tell truths.
I want to fight for and win for the Libdems because I believe we are a good party and one that represents the people accurately - or at least in the Medway Towns.

I also think of how it hurts to give up the Secretary position and although I may have to accept that bitter blow I can get a less important role in the Exec and still be heavily involved but still have the option of missing the occasional meeting.

I'll be honest I am torn... Further thought and discussions with our Group Chair are needed.

I've not written this to be dramatic or as an attention seeking exercise - I'm just saying it how it is.

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