Monday, 4 February 2013

Chris Huhne resigns & prelude to the battle of Eastleigh

It has been a funny morning for the Libdems where Chris Huhne is concerned.

Firstly, he changes his plea after ten years admits that he is guilty of perverting the course of justice, facing prison (anywhere between six months and life!) and then he resigned as MP for Eastleigh.


He has finally done the right thing. Firstly he should have told the Police the truth ten years ago when it happened, though I have no doubt that this happens all the time amongst married couples, and he should have definitely told the truth when the story broke and when he resigned as minister.

Party loyalty or no, there is no excuse for breaking the law and lying to the Police, the party, the leadership and most important of all - his constituents.

Although it is a shame to see a capable MP, Libdem and minister go it is my opinion that those who broke the law should be punished and it is unfortunate.

The big thing will be the fate of Eastleigh. Already Libdem tacticians and activists have started discussions on Twitter and the media is theorising.

It, like Winchester, will be a battle between Conservative and Liberal so we will see the Coalition partners coming to blows - this is a great chance for the two partners to practise for 2015. The Coalition is almost over so both parties need to get their heads around combating each other and now is the perfect time to do so. Saying that though, it will not be an easy battle and the wounds and slants that have the potential to come out now have the potential to dictate how the Coalition carries out business over the last two years of it's existence. In a way, it is a parting gift.

It will definitely be one to watch by both party's strategists and for commentators.

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