Tuesday, 5 February 2013

What do the Libdems and Richard III have in common?

I was thinking about this on my way into work, a lack of sleep and still mulling over the Richard III documentary from last night still blighting my mind, and started to draw up some parrallels of our time in Coalition and the short reign of the Shakespearen villian and the last ruling Plantagenet monarch. History is always written by the victors, and what is the best way to seal your claim to power? Demonise the other guy and their acts. Let's be honest, there is a very good chance Labour will be resurggent in 2015 and the Libdems could pay quite heavily. How will our role in the Coalition be remembered?

Following the death of Edward IV, Richard became ward of his nephew Edward V who he later had declared illegitimate. Then with a lose coalition of lords and after a sermon at Westminster Cathedral to the laymen he was declared King by popular move, after all he was a war hero.

The party did a similiar act in taking a small amount of support and forming a Coalition and Clegg, the hero or modern British politics and a popular choice would take the lead. Though, like Richard - not with much of a legitimate mandate.

Richard’s reign as king was marked with beneficial changes to the statue and legal reforms including the introduction of bail, a court of requests so that the poor could have their cases heard and even a council of the north which allowed the Northern territories to grow and be integrated into the national infrastructure and in tow with London.

The Libdems have brought in a Pupil premium, helped break up the banks, proposed in electoral reform, cut income tax for the poorest, raised the number of apprentices, making education more accessible to poorer families, environmental green bank and renewable energies and many more.

This is not what we’ll be remembered for. Already Nick Clegg is painted as a liar and spineless – indeed I’m waiting for the jokes about his spine being found under a car park in Leicester to start. The big blot on his reputation is the Tuition fees U-turn that has been a stain on all of the party’s achievements and will be brought up time and time again in 2015. Very similar to Richard’s stain, the disappearance of the Princes in the tower. Whether he killed them or no, whether people remember that the libdems made the repayment scheme fairer or not – those are the stains that we carry and the ones our opponents will call from the roof tops and will be remembered by history.

Like Richard, the party are very optimistic of victory in 2015/Bosworth field, indeed welcoming it to as a chance to prove their mettle and trump their successes but there are those of us who fear the worse.

None the less, I shall don my armour and draw my sword and stand at Nick’s side for good or ill.

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