Monday, 15 July 2013

Ginger Liberal Blog Policy change

Honestly, I've been swamped
This is more of an FYI post than an actual post about anything in particular and hopefully the real stuff will start to flow again.

Firstly I must appologise to any regular readers who feel let down that I have not been writing as much lately. I have just been unable to get on my laptop and write in the recent month and when I have I've not really felt the drive with which to write.

This is not to say that I am not passionate about politics in the Medway Towns or nationally anymore just that there are those who write a lot more concisely about it than I do.

There is still a niche for me, I hope, and I will be writing about Local politics and how I see it and what I have become vexed with or have concerns about. Someone said to me the other day that the people don't care about capital projects, of house building or open top busses just whether their roads are pot holed or their schools are open. These are the things that I found interesting and why I got into politics in the first place and where this blog started its life in the first place.

It is where my passions lie and that is where I will return rather than regularly giving my point of view on National stuff or international stuff.

Medway is where my heart lies, Medway is what is important to me and Medway is what I will write about.

I have also been scribing a lot of Fiction recently so do please check out my GingerWerther blog (link in the side panel!) and I will be uploading my works soon!!!

So, keep 'em peeled and hopefully there shall be some fresh stuff coming very soon!

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