Thursday, 18 July 2013

Politics, Parties and lack of promotion for Tracey Crouch

I have gained quite a dim view of Partisan Party Politics over recent years.

I just cannot get my head around the notion that defeating the other team is the sole reason to get into Politics, get elected and the basis of every issue. The ability to define yourself as the opposite to them is hardly productive.

Politics is not about Party over everything, it is about the people you represent and how you do it. I find the whole politicisation of serious issues and problems within this country such as the deficit and the serious problems of the NHS is frankly abhorrent.

I don't feel I need to precursor the next section as regular readers know my stance already...

Firstly, excellent news for Tracey Crouch on her reselection as Candidate for Chatham & Aylesford in 2015. This is also good news for the people of the constituency as in my opinion she has done a fantastic job representing them on many issues and is exceptionally passionate about her work and constituency.

This brings me to my second point. This morning Tracey tweeted an image from a publication (I'm afraid I don't know which) that... well check out the picture.

Personally I'm left in somewhat of a quandary. I can understand that a Prime Minister doesn't want "rebels" constantly going off half cock over issues and wants the backing of a team of loyal staff BUT it is always good to have those who question or say simply; Sorry boss I don't agree.

On the three issues that are stated I have mixed feelings on the EU budget, support Lords reform, am against the badger cull and want to see the Press reined in so that they cannot get away with the things they have in the past. We obviously don't see eye to eye on a few things but I really admire her for the way she does her job, the way she cares about her constituents and works her socks off. I also admire her (and Sarah Teather for that matter) for her ability to stand up and say No, I don't agree and I'm certain that my constituents don't and I will not support this bill.

That's what Politics should be about and what MPs should do.

I know that on the subject of Badger culls that Tracey has thought long and hard as well as changed her opinion on the subject after consulting with activists and residents before arriving at the conclusion that such a move was wrong.

There will be many in her Constituency who would disagree with rising the EU budget when they are having cuts to their services and local Government budgets and who would be outraged by such a move.

So, because she is passionate and stands up for what she believes in rather than being Lobby fodder she faces the prospect of sitting on the backbenches for even longer?

I would hardly describe Tracey as a serial rebel who causes trouble for the Government at every turn, indeed she as listed "Occasionally rebels" on They Work for you and in the last two years has rebelled 18 times. One of those occasions was also over Asbestosis  sufferers possibly losing legal aid to get compensation - a problem that is serious within the Medway towns and something her constituents feel very strongly about.

I would have thought that someone that knows their own mind, listens to their constituents and works hard for them would be a surer thing for promotion to junior Minister or aide than someone who toes the party line, agrees unreservedly with Dave (and Nick by proxy) on everything (except when Nick doesn't agree with Dave) and knows when to shut up, ignore their own beliefs and vote Yay with the Government.

But then what do I know?

All I can say is that it is the Coalition's loss.

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  1. Very thoughtful post, Chris. We are putting together quite a team to support Tracey's re-election, with several former Labour and LibDem people joining us. if you would like to bring your talents to support Tracey's re-election campaign, you would be welcome. Please get in touch via Twitter or email: Best wishes, Andrew