Saturday, 20 July 2013

Lego Batman DC Super Heroes - Game Review

DC Heroes in Lego form - awesome
I have been a big fan of the Lego franchise of games since the first Lego Star Wars came out and I've managed to play most of them.

There have been many improvements through time to these games such as the advent of Split screen which means you no longer accidentally drag the other player over cliffs!

There is also the ability to change characters mid  free play game that allows you to swap to a character that hasn't been been selected by the game. This means that the amount of Toggled characters is kept to a minimum and you don't have to scroll through a dozen characters for the one you need now. This is a great improvement on the first Lego Batman game as in free play you had to go through all the Batman and Robin suits and then a handful of villains with special abilities which could easily be up to fifteen characters and very time consuming!

Moving on to Lego Batman II it has everything we've come to expect from Lego games with fun puzzles, and character specific rooms that need to be done on free play. In that respect there are no surprises and no complaints, like all the games it keeps you on your toes and makes you think about things.

There is an added free play aspect in that now you get to wander around Gotham City and look for more Gold bricks, vehicles, superheroes and Super villains. This is quite fun and is a an interesting break from levels! The down side to it is that you will (often and I mean often) get attacked by goons which can be a little annoying even when you are invincible!

The other thing is that even when you unlock all of the vehicles you cannot use them in missions even on free play - though it is fun cruising around Gotham City in a Squad car with the lights and siren on.

The plot is pretty good with you trying to bring down Lex Luthor and the Joker who are trying to bring down Batman and Gotham city with 15 levels.

The levels are, as I said pretty good but with a couple of downsides.

The first is that the only playable characters on Story Mode are Batman and Robin and then from about half way through Batman and Superman and the variety is slightly lacking.

There is a vast swathe of Justice league characters who you can play with but only in the last two levels of the Story mode. Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg and Wonderwoman which is a little disappointing but they are all there for Free play!

There is also a vast array of villains that appear in the first three levels like Catwoman, Bane, Riddler, Harley Quinn and Scarcrow but they are only seen in these levels as a bit part for you to overcome quickly and instead you focus on just Joker and Lex.

The Story also follows the Joker's giant robot that they are using for about six levels with the same enemy being fought in different ways through out and that can get a bit samey.

There is also another glitch that means that if you are playing two player and you are aiming with a sonic gun, laser eyes, freeze breath or water gun and Player 2 is running around your aim will move all over the place and you can't do anything. Sometimes it feels like the game was designed for One player at times rather than Co-op.

Over all though it is a good game and continuation with the Lego franchise. If you have played any of the other Lego games and enjoyed them you'll like this one and I can recommend it as a worthwhile purchase.

*** Stars out of five.

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