Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Energy bills rising out of control

Today's Metro (May 30th) ran an article painting a bleak picture for the people of Britain.

Projections point towards an increase in fuel poverty as prices are set to rise over the next six years.

According to Cheryl Latham's article one in three households will find that their energy bills will be unaffordable  by 2015 and consumer groups have reported bills doubling over the last eight years.

If they continue at the same rate then by 2015 they could be £1582 PA and by 2018 £2766 PA.

Already 6.5million people live in fuel poverty and it is becoming more and more common for families to start rationing power and gas usage or chose between food and warmth and it is estimated that 60% of these people do not have adequate heat.

According to Ann Robinson of;
The UK is hurtling towards a cliff beyond which the price of household energy will become unaffordable. Time is running out- if pricing trends continue we will hit crunch point in less than three years.

There is also the added rise in price as large energy companies pass the price of making their organisation more green, which in my opinion should come from the share holders and profits.

This, however, is not the only rising price. The cost of living in general including Rail fare and even the basic prices of food are going up whilst wages stay level. Ultimately Capitalism is running off with itself and getting greedy.

Successive Governments have failed to regulate the private companies and now it really has reached that Crisis point. What can happen?

Companies cannot expect to keep rising prices when people can no longer pay. They need to compete and bring prices down and cut wages to Executives and share holders and be reasonable to their service users. What good is a service if it cannot be used?

Ultimately though these figures are merely projections and there may be no cause for alarm, but Companies like Southeastern trains and the Utility companies need to bear in mind that sooner or later their customers will be priced right out of the market.

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