Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I agree with Vince on a better Politics

Twelve days ago I wrote about the "New Politics being dead" and the distrust in Politics that has become more and more prevalent over recent years. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels the same as Vince Maple, the newly elected leader of the Medway Labour group (congratulations by the way!) wrote in Medway Messenger's Party People of similar observations.

Vince wrote about how scandals in National Government, the Cash for access for David Cameron, the Murdoch Press (which haunts the big two parties) and the Libdems Tuition fees.
All of which are true, I'd argue that the Tuition fees promise was... Ah hell I'm not going to argue over semantics and technicalities but I think Labour share more than was mentioned but anyway that's not important to the over all message so moving on...

The point is that Vince went onto say;

I think people involved in politics need to show there can be a different approach: where engagement is real and meaningful, where people feel part of the process, that decisions are made with them, not despite them. It is also about not promising the earth when in opposition, and hoping that residents don't catch on if in government we fail to deliver.

I wholeheartedly agree. Its something that we as politicos and politicians (local, county and national) need to aspire to. We all know that politicians can't be trusted and that their word is not their bond and even the breath of fresh air that was
Cleggmania has been put under harsh scrutiny during the Coalition's run in power - some of it is unjustified - but the public perception is that it is all justified. I truly believe that Vince's description is what we should all aim for.

I want to reach in a position of 2015 when Medway votes on its local and national government, that people are not saying "You're all the same!"; that people can see my Labour team are working hard to help people put their trust back in politics.

With one slight tweak, that's my dream too. That tweak is not Libdem instead of Labour, that goes without saying really, but all the parties and not just in Medway but in the UK. Tall order I guess but a noble dream none the less. All parties have a lot of work to do in this field and I know the Medway Libdems are already working towards it, we've consistently worked for our constituents and will do and I know that Vince and his team are doing the same for their wards.

There is a nasty side to the local politics too with various parties telling misleading "truths" or even whoopers locally, there have been public consultations that haven't listened to the public, there have been accusations... It can be ugly, and there are times when I think;

I want no part of this No one would believe me on the door step if I told them that; Yeah I genuinely want to represent their needs and I am interested in their problems and for me people come before party. Promises can't always be kept but try and keep them realistic.

I'd love to see this dream, this value that I believe is worth fighting for become a reality but I fear that it is unachievable.

I will do all I can at my end and within the Medway libdems to keep our part of Vince's (and my) dream going and will be watching with other commentators over the coming years of local Labour's record in this field.

This is Political clean up is the aim that we
all need to address and be self regulating on. Pull in the vitriol and big claims and sweeping promises and bring politics back to what it should be about - the people not the votes.

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