Saturday, 12 May 2012

The "New Politics" is dead.

One of the things that drew me to the Liberal Democrats, apart from polices, was a certain honesty that wasn't questionable unlike New Labour and their spin machine and the fading memories of Conservative sleaze that rocked the Major Administration.

I became inspired by Nick. As the expenses scandal hit the news and the "truth" that the public had held about MPs being corrupt was proven, only one person seemed to be listening to the public out cry as Nick called for Parliament to extend its session to get to the bottom of this.

Leadership debates followed and Clegg stepped up over the bickering of Blue vs. Red and spoke to the people, spoke to me.
"The New Politics" it was dubbed. Moving away from party over people or bitter blood feuds against the old enemy. Its something I believe in, something I think is worth fighting for.

But New Politics is now the same as the Old.

70% of people failed to vote last week in local elections, Politics is failing the people.

Parliament is like the battle of Waterloo - A furious battle between two opposing armies hell bent on the other's destruction. In fact blog posts and Political pundits of all sides talk in terms that sound like Napoleonic battle reports.
(I'm not singling out Cllr Osborne as an attack, only for illustrative purposes as writers from all parties are guilty of this - So if you're reading this Tris I'm sorry.)

Both sides are now hell bent on taking the middle ground, a metaphorical La Haye Saint, and losing strength on their left and right flanks respectively.

I know (well hope), that at heart politicos believe their candidate would be the best at representing the people than the others but outwardly it seems that its all about the winning.

When slogans like Labour cannot win here (Winchester Conservative Group) or Only Labour can oppose the Tory Council (Medway Labour) and the Libdems have done as bad. It sounds pathetic and I want to bang peoples heads together and knock some sense into them.

Take a look around you.

The Public have been screwed over by Labour, they've faced Conservative austerity and now they've been failed by the Libdems too and the paragon of virtue that was Nick Clegg has "Sold Out" for a whiff of power.

No one perceivable politician or party stands up for the common man.

My Sister said to me a few weeks ago;
Why should I vote? What's the point they're all the same - A year ago I'd had an answer but now there is only silence.

Cllr Juby raised similar comments in "Party People" a few weeks ago about a lack of representation and too much Party before people and I echo those sentiments. Maybe its because we're such a small group in Medway with a small clutch of Councillors - I'm not trying to be Holier than thou- but we spend a lot of time talking about the people of Medway rather than a resurgent Gold tide that will sweep the Tories and Labour away. Although I'm sure my observations could be true for Libdem groups and politicos around the country too.

Another thing is the misleading comments. Last week before the local and Mayoral elections rising Labour star Chuka Umunna tweeted this:

Needless to say there was no response.

Voting Labour in a local election today will not oust Cameron tomorrow. Last year local Libdem Councillors were berated on the doorstep for their failure to stop tuition fees! This isn't down to voter ignorance but to years and years of political leaflets blurring the party lines between local and national issues.

Yet, hope remains were company stays true... Some MPs including Libdems Greg Mulholland, Dr Julian Huppert and local Conservative MP Tracey Crouch (to name but a few) restore a certain amount of faith in that they are willing to put down Party loyalty and vote for their constituencies. Mulholland and Huppert voted against tuition fee rises and the NHS bills! Tracey recently stood up for constituents against the Government line on Mesothelioma and Asbestosis sufferers.

Party's are about linking like minded people with in parliament not about forming two separate power blocs who are hell bent on the destruction of the other. Politicians, politicos and pundits are losing sight of what its all about and I urge everyone to please take a look around you and remember why we are doing what we're doing and try to recapture that idea of "New Politics" it is what is needed for the benefit of all.


  1. "Labour cannot win here"? "Only Labour can oppose the Tory Council"?

    Have you never seen the infamous (and often dubious) Lib Dem bar charts with the slogan "Only the Lib Dems can beat the Tories/Labour", which seem to be trotted out at almost every election?

    1. Absolutely. I'm not pleading innocence for the Lib dems at all. We're as guilty as everybody else, its just those two examples were the first to pop into my head.