Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dave agrees with Nick on growth

"Yes, of course I agree with Nick"
The fluidic nature of the European economic crisis has led to a change in tack by the Coalition as David Cameron finally remembers that he agrees with Nick and moves away from the harsh reality of Austerity and moves to increase growth and central Government investment.

It was started by European leaders (including Mr Cameron) trying to convince Chancellor Merkel that Europe needs to change its options and Germany should realise that the Greeks and other nations are not going to be able to repay all their debts to them and that the debts should be consolidated into Eurobonds and the Central bank should be more interventionist. She has, naturally, preferred to defend her position stating The treaties forbid taking on a mutual liability, that includes in our opinion also Eurobonds.

Still, as contingency plans are being drawn up across Europe for all the possibilities including the probable Greek exit Dave has agreed with Nick yet again.

The Deputy Prime Minister has been pushing for the Treasury to release money for investment in projects and try and kick start the economy with projects and now Dave has added his voice much to Ed Miliband's joy.

For two years you have been the high priest of Austerity, you have been telling the world that austerity alone is the answer. But now the recognition has dawned that it isn't working and you find yourself on the wrong side of the argument.

Ok, he has a point but you'd also think that at least the right move is being made now?

The next few months will see Massive governmental investment in projects like housing and infrastructure said Nick yesterday. An architect friend of mine said that you can never underestimate the importance of infrastructure and it is indeed so damnably important and is often underfunded.

Britain never really modernised post War and where as Germany modernised and improved Britain settled back to business as usual and struggled with the Austerity of the 50s and the collapse of Empire and we are still reaping that. However the State has the Golden opportunity to invest internally and bring roads, railways and motorways up to scratch creating jobs. As people earn more money they will spend more money.
There is also the question of housing. With a growing population our cities are becoming more and more crowded. I know that building on green spaces is never ideal but the simple truth is either we home people or stop having kids. However affordable and greener houses can be built and free up the overcrowding and frankly squalid housing in urban city centres that can date back to the 50's and further which are in serious need of rebuilds and again provides work and money to already bypassed areas that are in dire need of investment.

This may seem like Plan B, or Plan A+ but to be brutally honest I am just glad that the Government are now taking steps to try and turn this all around and encourage growth as well as inject money into projects that have been ignored for far too long and all because Dave remembered he should agree with Nick.

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