Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Boris admits being at odds with National policies

As my Conservative doppelgänger (apparently) arrived to thunderous applause and chants at the Conservative party conference something more telling comes out.

Though the nation is yet again pondering another party leadership challenge with many in the right of the party feeling David Cameron is too cosy with us whining work shy Liberals. Boris' star is very much in ascendence especially as he doesn't have to follow through on pledges if national policy gets in the way.

There in lies the rub. Although he did rubbish the idea of expanding Heathrow - rightly so as all the major parties pledged this - he also stated;

It is sometimes inevitable that the mayor of a great city will find himself saying things that do seem at variance with national policy

It would not be an unfair assumption to say he's talking about Boris Island.

Local campaigners have sometimes (or often in some cases) tried to stir the waters and make a big show over what Boris' intentions and power over the cabinet are. I've always maintained that as Mayor he's proposing what HE thinks is best for London but it is up to the DoT and Cabinet to make the final decision and Boris Island/Thames Hub is really not popular (especially with the Libdems who voted to oppose it at conference - it is now party policy) mainly for the perils of flight and the environmental damage.

Could this latest admission from Boris be really that telling? I'll let you decide but I think so. I think all of the recent outbursts have be borne out by a frustrated Mayor who is finding himself roadblocked by Government.

I will say this (again) though:

Nothing has been decided yet. There are those who'll tell you the Government have U-turned on Heathrow and in the same breath warn of Boris Island. I say wait. The Government are truly in a quandary and want to review all of the options before making a decision so let us wait until then.

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