Monday, 1 October 2012

Councillor claims there are benefits to Domestic abuse

I am some what ashamed to report this but...

I am not sure how much of the details have been reported to this website but from what I have read it is very deplorable.

Cllr Columba Blango of Southwark, a Libdem and local colleague of Simon Hughes has really put his foot in it.

It's like Smacking. Some people see the benefits of smacking. Some don't see it


With smacking, yeah I can see the benefit of it at times. After all, as a kid I was smacked if was particularly naughty and I learnt but I also see the abuse side of it too but that is a different debate.

Slapping your spouse or partner?

The only benefit I'd get from slapping my wife is a divorce.

I understand his second statement;

Some perpertrators may not be able to prevent themselves.

Everyone has a snapping point and it is easy to see red and lash out. Anger is a strange thing and no one can say how one will act in the heat of the moment except how we would like to think we would act. The thing is that it's a one off and not something that happens all the time and subjugate your partner to abuse and terror.

To suggest there are BENEFITS to domestic violence is absolutely crazy and total rubbish. I need not have to tell you about the horrors of Domestic abuse and the amount terror, pain anguish and even deaths that are caused by domestic violence. These comments were thoughtless and unfeeling to those who suffer the abuse.

I agree with Cllr Rowenna Davis (Lab) comments that Cllr Blango was out of line and completely wrong however I do note the slight opportunism of dropping Simon Hughes into the same pile of crap. Obviously Simon had nothing to do with it being an MP and the meeting was at a Southwark Council meeting.

Personally, and I'm not telling anyone what to do here but, I think there needs to be an investigation internally and Cllr Blango needs to be given the chance to appologise and/or give his version of events. It is arguably a Constitutional matter for Bringing the party into disrepute but that is up to an investigation to assertain and to decide on.

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