Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tory Right are back; lowering abortion limit

So abortion is back in the limelight again with Maria Miller's comments in the Telegraph on lowering the limit from 24weeks to 20. Cue outrage!

Then in wades that paragon of ministerial etiquette Jeremy Hunt who commented he'd drop it to 12 weeks!!!!

Maria Miller MP, minister for women's health
Now, abortion is a sticky subject and everyone has an opinion. I believe it is the Woman's choice and she should not be pressured into either direction. I do however feel that they should be used as a last ditch form of contraception. My wife on the other hand agrees for the most part with me but would never have one herself.

Traditionally the Conservative right is against it or for lowering the limit. We had all of this last year with Nadine Dorries who, surprise surprise supports this. With a hasty retraction from Mr Hunt's comments it was stated that the Coalition has no plans to look at the limit and that Mr Hunt was voicing a personal opinion. Could it be that Jeremy should get back in his box? Or could this be show boating to their traditional voters to show they're still on the right and different from those filthy mud blood Liberal Democrats?

All supposition.

Let's look at the facts though. Most abortions occur around the 14 week mark and only 2% occur after 20 weeks. I agree with this article from the Guardian which points out the personal torment behind the latter's decision to abort the foetus.

On the flip side is the argument that states "define when life starts." It is a very grey area that on the one hand life is terminated and another baby born prematurely at the same point can be saved. Maybe it is a debate worth having but as long as the rights of the woman are kept solidly in mind. Though would it be fair that a group comprised of mostly middle aged + men are telling women everywhere what they can and can't do with their bodies?

Jeremy Hunt's 12 week limit seems ludicrous. It forces women to make a hastier decision with out the full facts available as tests for Down's syndrome may not have been completed by that point. Although he stated it was not down to any religious conviction there are many who believe that that is a factor. Personally I think that religious belief can be a good thing and as someone who does not have any I'm some what envious at times of their faith but I also do not want someone else's beliefs enforced upon me. What I do with my body is my business and I'm afraid that should be the bottom line with abortion.

There cannot be any impingement on Women's personal rights.

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