Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Labour split over EU budget?

It is interesting as a somewhat neutral in this debate. I say neutral as I'm fairly torn.

On the one hand I'm pro Europe and understand that countries like Greece, Spain and Italy need shoring up with cash BUT at a time when the UK economy and services need money it seems crazy to pay more money out.

In a way, I guess I back the motion's principle.

The Labour party have been very vocal in their criticism of the Government position to pay up. They've also been keen to stir up the anti Europe wing of the Tory party, knowing that is their big weakness.

However, there is another interesting facet that's not been considered in Labour's motives. Just ten days ago Labour's MEPs in Brussels voted in favour of implementing the rise that Ed Miliband is desperate to overturn.

This could mean one of two things;

1. The Labour party have some serious problems with the London branch saying one thing and the Brussels bunch another. As leader Ed should be making sure everyone is singing from the same song sheet.
Is there a division between the two limbs of the party?
Are the MEPs not representing their constituencies properly?

2. As the Prime minister stated in PMQs; This is playing politics and rank opportunism.

Either way I think they should go away and look at themselves in the mirror and do some soul searching.

Although saying that, it was Mr Cameron who said that Labour's MEPs voted that way so I'm trusting his researchers. If I'm wrong blame them!

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