Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dorries suspended

So Nadine Dorries has been suspended from Parliament?

Nothing to do with some of her objectionable views as - well like it or not we're all entitled to our opinions even if we, and modern thinking people disagree.

Nothing to do with her conduct in the house either...

It's for failing to carry out the PRIMARY purpose of a MP - representing their constituents.

By joining I'm a celebrity she is choosing self image over that of the needs of the people she is working for, on top of that she is getting paid from the Public purse!

If she makes it to the final she won't be available until the 6th December which means she'll miss the Autumn statement and debates on Europe which, at this current time, could redefine the UKs relationship with the EU and even more importantly who is representing the people of mid Bedfordshire?

Recently I wrote about how Tracey Crouch was doing a good job representing Chatham & Aylesford constituents and being selflessly devoted which is what MPs are supposed to do. What Ms Dorries is doing completely goes against what I and I'm assuming her constituents think a democratically elected representative should be doing.

Could it be because her constituency may cease to exist in 2015? Well not if Nick stands his ground and the Boundary reform is delayed. Even still, if it is dissolved does that mean you get to behave so badly?

I personally welcome Sir George Young's announcement of her suspension today and not as a Liberal Democrat, but as a believer in parliamentary democracy and representation of constituents.

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