Thursday, 8 November 2012

PCCs for Kent - links to information

If you, like my wife and I, or some of the people I spoke to last week canvassing for the Libdems in Medway have NO idea who is running or what the debates in the Police Commissioner's election (which goes to the polls in less than a week!!!) I thought I'd help people out with a handy guide so here is a collection of links for you.
First up; Craig Mackinlay (con)

Harriet Yeo (Lab)

Ann Barnes (Ind)

Dai Liyanage (Ind)

Steve Uncles (English Democrats)

Piers Wauchope (UKIP)

Hope it helps with the voting process.

Personally I, nor the party are affiliated behind any of the candidates (we're not even putting one out, will explain later) so I had no real idea about anyone other than the first four, had I not been involved in politics or on Twitter I probably would know even less!

It is odd that even though the candidate will be representing the whole of Kent it appears that hardly anyone has any idea about it - no wonder turn out is predicted at something like 14%!

Anything I can do to help combat that with these links....

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