Friday, 16 November 2012

Harriet Harman and Prejudice

I should point out this is written with a wry smile and tongue in cheek to a degree.

I was thinking about the works of the famous Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung the other day, in particular - Synchronicity and how it effected the character's in Jack Higgin's book The Eagle has landed. Then it occurred to me that I also had an act of Synchronicity as whom should appear on my Television but Harriet Harman, which really filled me with loathing. (so much loathing that I can't even field a picture of her on my blog!!!)

I remembered why I hold particular loathing for Harriet Harman. The Ginger Rodent comment. As a natural Redhead I found her comments against Danny Alexander particularly spiteful, especially when you take into account the years of bullying and name calling I received as a child and even now in adulthood get!  There is even a term; Reddist. You wouldn't expect her to use a term like Black Rat in Westminster? So why Ginger Rodent?

Anyway that is by the by.

I realised a week before I had been talking to my friend and Labour supporter Vicky Prior about Harriet Harman's 30th anniversary in Parliament - which led to a long debate about the Ginger Rodent comment. It was agreed that, even though Vicky feels Rodent is a good description of Danny Alexander and his policies the word Ginger - which implies a personal attack on the way one looks or is - was totally unacceptable and that attacking policy is fine but never the person's appearance, creed, or religion etc.

So that's two counts...

The third happened on Monday when looking at my Uni friend Katie Chapman's Facebook profile. As a fellow redhead she'd had a video of the Comedian Tim Minchin's song Prejudice posted on her wall. Now, I'm a fan of this song - It is exceptionally funny and as I watched it, laughing to myself I though that it was something that Harriet should bear in mind.

Suddenly synchronicity reared it's head and all three pieces seemed to fit into place and I felt it was time to merge them as a blog post as surely - it wanted to be written.

So here -

If anyone could pass this on to her I, and I'm sure the rest of the Redhead community would be obliged.

Only a Ginger can call another Ginger Ginger.

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