Monday, 12 November 2012

Police Commissioners; Why we're not running, politicisation and Independents.

"No Mr MacKinlay that's the line to Krispy kreme not Batman."

I like the idea of an elected representative as a Police Commissioner. Sometimes it feels that the Police don't always listen to the electorate and some Chief Constables like Sir Iain Blair play politics with National Government. Others have had national statistics forced upon them by Whitehall and get more concerned by that and reaching targets rather than the needs of locals.

Then again there is a concern of over politicising the Police Force, a service that like the NHS, Fire brigade and military should be free from political meddling. The image of a Red Army Commissar leaning over the general's shoulder telling him how to do his job.

There is also the problem that has ruined National politics and that is party political politics. Government no longer seems to be about issues more getting one over the other team, score the points, opportunistic goals. The General Public are fed up with it - they want an elected representative who will listen to votes not just hear they want to hear or what the party line is.

That's why I think political parties should not be involved in this election. This is a view held by the South east region Liberal Democrats which is why we are not fielding a candidate and I'm tempted by voting for an Independent or Kermit the Frog.

The two independents have come under attack for trumpeting their lack of political party by the Party establishment. The finger has been pointed at Dai Liyanage for being a Libdem, rather an ex Libdem and Ann Barnes has a Libdem campaign manager and attracted a lot of Libdem supporters - politics through the back door?


Dai resigned from the party under a dark cloud and has not rejoined and Ann Barnes has attracted Libdem voters as her policies do strike a chord with them, especially in the lack of an alternative. They are still not members of a Party and will be able to make their own choices out of any party structure. They aren't secret Libdem moles.

Whatever your beliefs on the subject the polling is this week - will you be one of the 12% that's predicted to turn out? I can't honestly say I will.

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